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Breast Cancer Resources

The main purpose of this website is to honor the thousands of people who are living with breast cancer. If you are a breast cancer patient, please hang in there. Be your own best advocate and don't give up. If you are a family member or friend of someone who is living with breast cancer pray for that person and show your love and support anyway that you can. This website is also in memory of the people who have left us as a result of breast cancer. There is a section on this website called "Women's Breast Cancer Wisdom", which includes links to the websites of a few of the women who have decided to share their experiences with others. Please visit some of these inspiring people.

The other purpose of this website is to share the latest news and information about breast cancer. There are many choices people touched by breast cancer have to take care of their bodies, minds and spirits during and after treatment. Please look below for links to information about different kinds of breast cancer, nutrition, fitness, conventional treatment choices, conventional medicines, natural remedies, healing touch, diagnostic tests, hair loss, self esteem, finances, medical libraries, hospitals, great books to read, shopping, free electronic greeting cards and other helpful information

Please feel free to use the features in the Health Connections Community section of this website. Please bookmark this website, so that you can visit often. This website is updated with new information on a regular basis.

This website is dedicated in loving memory of Barbara, Carol, Nancy, Pua, Skye, Mary Jo, Mighty Oak (Ed) and Kathy. Forever remembered for their strength and sharing!!


Great Health Books to Read

Breast Cancer News - 2002-2008

Food - Fuel for the Journey

Broccoli, cabbage help prevent cancer.
Cancer Study May Lead to Prescribed Diets
Breast Cancer - Nutrition and Fitness
Broccoli and Breast Cancer
More About Broccoli and Breast Cancer
Food and Nutrition
Helping Blood Counts With Nutrition During Cancer Treatment and the Human Immune System
Managing Side Effects & Symptoms During Cancer Treatment
Nutrition and Cancer
Nutritional Guidelines for Cancer Patients
Olive Oil May Protect Against Breast Cancer(Her 2 Nu)
The Cancer Project (Nutrition)
Vegetables May Stop Tumor Growth
Vegetarian Diet and Breast Cancer

Beating Cancer With Nutrition

Beating Cancer With Nutrition
More Books About Cancer and Nutrition

Note: Some of the Women's Breast Cancer Wisdom links below
also have information about food and nutrition.

Helpful Information

Breast Cancer Tumor Marker Tests
More Breast Cancer Tumor Marker Tests
Breast MRI
Breast Thermography
C. J. Hats
Clinical Trials
Compare Hospitals
Diagnostic Tests, Drugs, and Medicines
Financial Help for Patients
Free Cancer Clinic Now Open for Low Income Uninsured Hawaii Residents
General Health Information and Medical Search Engines
Hair Loss During Chemotherapy
Human Immune System
Laboratory Tests That Detect Cancer
Look Good Feel Better Program for Women with Cancer
Managing Side Effects & Symptoms During Cancer Treatment
Medical Libraries, and Medical Centers
Medline Plus - National Institute of Health
Pub Med - NCBI
More Cancer Resources
Taking Charge of Cancer Treatment

Note: Some American Cancer Society chapters also provide
free wigs and head coverings for cancer patients. Check
with your local American Cancer Society office or
call the American Cancer Society's toll free help line at 1-800-227-2345.
You may also log on to the American Cancer Society website
for more information.

Just Get Me Through This

Just Get Me Through This
The Practical Guide to Breast Cancer

More Books and Cancer Materials

Things to Think About

Alternative, Complementary and Chinese Medicine
Breast Cancer and the Immune System
Cancer, Exercise and Fitness
Fitness, Body, Mind and Spirit
Health Care Products
Helping the Immune System Fight Cancer
Herbs and Supplements
Holistic Health From Hawaii T. V. Program
Natural Remedies for Cancer
Traditional Chinese Medicine and Breast Cancer
Understanding Your Immune System

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer: Beyond Convention:
The World's Foremost Authorities on Complementary
and Alternative Medicine Offer Advice on Healing

Women's Breast Cancer Wisdom

Breast Cancer survivors who are sharing
helping and living after breast cancer

Breast Cancer 101
Breast Wishes
A Dietician's Cancer Story
Breast Cancer Stage 1V Survivor
C. J. Hats
Hawaii's Dr. Ruth Heidrich - 20 year survivor
Her 2 Support Group
Inflamatory Breast Cancer Memorial Website
Inflamatory Breast Cancer Survivors
Kathy's Blog - Mikan Days
Nea's Story - in Japanese
One Woman's Experience
The Faces of Breast Cancer
Wake Up Call
Webmaster Elaine's Story

More about Breast Cancer Experiences

Portraits of Hope: Conquering Breast Cancer -Fifty Two Inspirational Stories of Strength
Not Just One in Eight: Stories of Breast Cancer Survivors and Their Families
Ice Bound: A Doctor's Incredible Battle for Survival at the South Pole
I Beat Cancer: 50 People Tell You How They Did It
Letters for Lizzie: A Story of Love, Friendship and a Battle for Life
Living Through Breast Cancer
More Books and Videos About Breast Cancer

Health Connections Community

View the Breast Cancer Resources Guestbook
Sign the Breast Cancer Resources Guestbook

Helping Other People

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to Help the Webmaster
Pay for Medical Expenses and
Maintain The Breast Cancer Resources Website

Please Click to Give
Free Mammograms to Needy Women.

Her 2: The Making of Herceptin
Her 2: The Making of Herceptin

Living Proof DVD
Living Proof DVD
Dr. Dennis Slamon and
The development of Herceptin

Hawaii Medical Connections for Cancer Patients

Bosom Buddies of Hawaii
provides free healing touch to breast cancer patients
during the first year of treatment.
Please call 808-585-Life for more information.

Cancer Research Center of Hawaii
Hawaii Acupunture Association
Hawaii Medical Library
Hawaii Society of Naturopathic Physicians
Holistic Health Hawaii T. V. Series
Jack Burke, N. D. LaC - Hawaii Naturopathic Physician
Queen's Medical Center - Honolulu
Promoting an Integrated Approach to Cancer
Special Cancer Lecture Series in Hawaii 2005-2006

Clinical Trials and Research Studies in Hawaii

The Noni Study
The BCCA Study
The Massage and Relaxation Study
The Bean Study
The Natural Products and Cancer Biology Program
The Prevention and Control Program
Nutrition Support Shared Resource

Breast Cancer Websites

Alaska Run for Women
Breast Cancer News - 2002-2004
A Look at Breast Cancer - An Integrative Perspective
Breast Cancer Action in Nova Scotia, Canada
Breast Cancer Recovery Foundation
Breast Cancer Epidemic
Breast Cancer and Environmental Factors
Breast Cancer and Genetics
Breast Cancer and Genetics 2
Breast Cancer and Pesticides
Breast Cancer Mailing List - Support Group
Breast Cancer Program in Kenya
Breast Cancer Research
Breast Cancer Update
Breast Doc
Breast Cancer Education Network
Breast Cancer Websites on All Aspects of Breast Cancer
Cancer Compass
Caring 4 Cancer
Fight Against Breast Cancer
Gilda's Club
Genetic counseling
Hawaii Breast Society
Herceptin News and Information
Her 2 Support Group
Inflamatory Breast Cancer
Inflamatory Breast Cancer Research
Living Beyond Breast Cancer
Living With Breast Cancer
Long Island and Breast Cancer
Mamm: Women, Cancer and Community
Male Breast Cancer
Medline Plus Breast Cancer
Medline News About Breast Cancer
Medscape Breast Cancer Resource Center
Metastatic Breast Cancer
More Breast Cancer Resources
National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations
National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship
National Lymphedema Network
Oncology Channel
Padget's Disease
People Living with Breast Cancer
Resource Directory - American Cancer Society
The Breast Cancer Site
The National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program
The Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
Tykerb for Her 2 Positive Breast Cancer
Y-Me National Breast Cancer Organization

Choices in Healing

Choices in Healing:
Integrating the Best of Conventional
and Complementary Approaches to Cancer

Comfort, humor and inspiration are great for health.

Send a Free Greeting Card
Free Greeting Cards for Cancer Patients
Laugh Break
Net Laughter
Bear, The Therapy Dog

Not Just One in Eight
Not Just One in Eight

Shop for Great Products from Hawaii

Great Books and Videos About Health
Health Care and Fitness Products

Webmaster Elaine's Favorite Hawaii Connections

Books and Videos About Hawaii
English Class in Hawaii
Hawaii Information and Resources
Hawaiian Fashions
Hawaiian Music
Hawaiian Children's Books, Clothing and Gifts
Hawaii Coffee and Food
More Shopping in Hawaii
Tour Hawaii Forecast

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